Cleveland Driving  School

Driving Instructors


Being a local driving school all out highly experienced driver trainers have a vast knowledge of the Redlands area, road rules and safety procedures which will be passed on to the learner driver in a pleasant, friendly environment.  May I introduce to you our team of driver trainers


Hi, my name is Graham, I am the founder of Cleveland Driving School, I have 26 years Driver Training experience.  I will take you from the novice to test ready in the manual vehicle.


Hi, my name is Lyn, I have been a driver trainer for 22 years and I look forward to improving your skills in the automatic.


Amy has been with us many years, she makes the lessons interesting and fun in the auto.


 Emma is one of our automatic instructors; she has been highly trained as a driver trainer and loves teaching people how to drive.


Greg has been an instructor for many years; he will teach you how to drive in a relaxed and friendly environment and has a passion for the industry.


John has brought some fresh ideas to manual and has a commitment to you driving safely and obtaining your licence.